Senior Spotlight – Joshua Han


A shot from one of Han’s films. Courtesy of Han.

Ethan Verderber, Writer

  LA is filled with extraordinary people. Just 45 minutes away you can find Hollywood, the land of famous movie stars and directors, or the Pantages with its musical mastery. If we look a little more locally, though, we can still find some stardom. Namely, Joshua Han (12).

   A senior at West High, Han is a standout figure among us. He has a presence in our percussion lineup, cultural events, and film work; it’s quite the artistic lineup. He’s even put a few of them together, with a narrative film short for the Korean Culture Night.

   This short is something Han is proud of. “It’s super cool to see my work being presented and appreciated at an event like that,” he says, despite some technical issues that led to some distortion between audio and video. Nonetheless, having two of his passions come together is something to be happy with, which is where yet another part of his agenda comes in.

   Han and his friend, Krischan Jung (12), run a show called The Exchange. This is also another mix of interests for the two. Jung is interested in politics, where Han is interested in filmmaking, so they made a talk show about both! The Han described the show as , “a talk show with a narrative short film element to satisfy both of our interests”. This interesting artistic blend of real-world problems can provide a unique perspective that’s not only enlightening — but entertaining at the same time. 

    In today’s sensationalist world with the collective attention span of a peanut, people who can produce work like Han may be just what’s needed. So, thanks to him for being one of the many talented individuals at West!