We Belong



Jack Hogse, Staff Writer

  Gawvi, a songwriter and Dove-Award winning artist, along with his producers, have graciously provided our student organization with free digital access to his new album We Belong for reviewing & broadcasting consideration.

  For a little background information, Gawvi started his music production career in 2008, most notably working with Lecrae and Trip Lee. His career led to him acquiring a recording contract with Reach Records as both an artist and in-house record producer.  

  He won a GMA Dove Award at the 46th GMA Dove Awards in the category of Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year, for his production work on Anomaly by Lecrae.

In 2016, Gawvi released 2 EP’s : “Lost In Hue” and “Holding Hue”. On March 31 of 2017, Gawvi released his debut album We Belong, to acclaim in the CCM community and debuting at 19 place on iTunes.

  The album itself would fit more into the genre of Alternative Rap/Hip Hop, with a few Techno beats thrown in. While this type of music is not really my personal favorite, the blend of rhythmic, electronic sounds and fast paced rapping makes for a soothing yet unique and exciting album.

  The majority of the songs consist of autotune and heavy bass, which gives them a sort of Dubstep type of feeling. This is not an uncommon feature in today’s music industry, as listening to songs like these with either headphones or in the car can be a chilling experience.

  We Belong is available for pre-order, and the tracklist of the debut dance LP on Reach Records is loaded. The song which will standout the most to Reach and Christian hip-hop fans is track No. 2, “God Speed” featuring Andy Mineo and KB. Mineo’s Minor League artist wordsplayed, who GAWVI worked with on his Clowntown EP, is also featured on track No. 12, “Cumbia”.

  Overall, I’d say that the album achieves a nice balance between exciting and relaxing. Each song has it’s own sort of outlying factor, and I think that it fits the unique style of Gawvi.