Dolled Up

Jack Hogse, Staff Writer

Makeup has become such an integral part of women’s society. Most females would have you believe that wearing makeup is essential for them, if they want to look proper. It has even gotten to the point where a girl who doesn’t wear makeup usually comes as a surprise. While makeup certainly does add a certain uniqueness to a woman’s character, it is far from a necessity.

  Even in some religions it is frowned upon to alter the way you look by adding mascara, highlight, etc. There was a time when wearing makeup was not that common of an accessory. Part of the reason things have gotten to where they are is because the image of women has changed drastically. Certain features of the female species are now expected, and if you do not meet those standards you are seen as “abnormal.”

  Typically, girls are expected to be short, remain fit, have long hair, maintain a healthy diet, and take part in feminine activities like cheerleading or dancing. These requirements have been drilled into the minds of children for years with social media, movies, T.V. shows, and the like. Makeup is no exception. The majority of public displays of women have them wearing makeup, but advertise an all natural lifestyle.

  The next generation of kids is going to be fortunate enough to grow up in a time where tolerance isn’t quite as rare as it was when makeup was first introduced. Hailey Loverde (11) said, “My mom always taught me that women don’t need makeup to look beautiful because we all are on the inside, and I think that’s amazing.”

  Michael Villegas (10) said, “I think women can dress or look however they want. If they want to wear makeup to look prettier that’s fine, but I feel like some go a little overboard with how much they put on. It gets to the point where it’s a little ridiculous.”

  Allie Lavezzari (11) agrees with Villegas. She says, “I don’t like wearing makeup personally. The whole idea of waking up early just to add an extra layer is too much for me. I get why some girls do but I wouldn’t do it unless it’s some sort of special occasion.”

  At the end of the day, it is completely up to the individual women whether or not they want to wear makeup, as there is no law or rule that says that they have to. The choice is always going to be theirs, and that is the kind of society that we need to continue to strive for.