Fall Fashion: This or That?

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

   As students attempt to become acquainted once again with hectic schedules, a familiar recurring dilemma abides in the minds of the majority: what to wear on the first day of school. This past year alone, there have been various trends in fashion including novel styles making bold statements in the world of fashion, while others that show us how fashion repeats itself.

   Whether your style is audacious and flashy, sleek and sophisticated, or even casual and simple, there are notable impressive looks for Fall regardless of your fashion sense. According to Elie Kim (11), if you are searching for a cute but not exaggerated look, you can sample “flats and jeggings, [leggings that look like jeans] with a sleeveless top and perhaps a cardigan.” For a more refined look,Miguel Aguallo (11) recommends “skinny jeans selectively paired with dress shirts, adhering to black and white tones.” These colors highlight a clean and classy look without appearing exceedingly flamboyant.

   In addition, Fall brings strong winds and heavy downpours so in order to dress appropriately, Mariah Morgan (11) suggests classic attire such as “scarves and boots.” Kennedy Williams (12) also voices popular trends such as “tribal prints, highwaist bottoms, sandals, and oxfords. Maxi skirts and dresses are also appropriate for the season as well as colorful and bold jewelry which is also a must.” Fall illustrates deep, rich, earthly tones therefore when choosing a specific garment, it is recommended to select pieces that correspond to the season’s colors, in order to show a fashion sense.

   Regardless of your sense of style, the important factor is continually keeping it tasteful, clean and presentable along with choosing outfits in which you feel comfortable.