Spring Choral Concert Promotes Beautiful Harmony

Esther Kim, Staff Writer

   On the night of Friday May 21st, the WHS school library was filled with teachers, students, and families eager to watch the performances of West High’s Aristocracy, United Voices, and Glee. All members of the choir put forth a lot of effort to make the concert a success.

   Some of the pieces, such as “Pollution” and “Hist’ry,” were entertaining and funny. The song began with Mrs. Jensen quickly exclaiming “This is it,” followed by melodious tunes of the United Voices. Alto section officer Kaitlynn Welch (11) enthusiastically declared, “I liked the hand motions and energy. I liked the lyrics and how it was a carefree song.”  

   “Witness” and “Hand in Hand” were more solemn tunes. While “Witness” told the tales of God’s powers, “Hand in Hand” was about the 2003 plague of Taiwan—when a “cough or sneeze would bring glares from a thirty feet radius.” The message in “Hand in Hand” is that there is always hope if everyone comes together under one united cause.

   Moreover, soloists Lauren Springer, Christie Lindsey, and Su Young Kim did a terrific job performing in “I Been in the Storm So Long.” In the final song, “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson, members from Aristocracy, United Voices, and Glee performed on stage, afterwards receiving a standing ovation.

   The concert did not consist only of singing; choral art scholarships were awarded to several students: Jane Chung, Su Young Kim, Tony Liu, and Lauren Springer.

   The West High Spring Choral Concert was a night full of excitement—for the audience and the performers. Shawn Foster (12), a member of the Aristocracy’s men group, was delighted to perform “Who Are the Brave.” “No matter how many times I heard this song, it made my hair stand on its end,” commented Shawn Foster. “Getting out and performing the songs. It’s a great combination of a great deal of work,” he added.