Helping Others Never Tasted so Good

Bryan Phan, Staff Writer

   During the senior night football game, students were found selling delicious baked goods throughout the West High stadium and gym for the Great American Bake Sale.

   The diverse pastry was provided through donations by generous people. The selections varied from chocolate chip cookies and sweet fudge brownies to mouth-watering cinnamon buns, sumptuous cheesecake, and even Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes.

   All of the profits went to Share Our Strength to help millions of starving children in America. Event Coordinator Theodore Chiang (11) stated, “We’re in America and the people right next to us might be one of those hungry children.”

   As the football game came to an end, so did the Great American Bake Sale—as a great success too as the event raked in nearly five hundred dollars. According to Carl Hu (11), “The Bake Sale went really well, people had fun, the brownies were delicious, and overall, the entire event was great.”

   Not only did the event bring in a substantial amount of money, it also spread the awareness of world hunger. “I didn’t know there was such a hunger problem in America, and helping people out through a sale is beneficial for everybody,” commented Shan Tank (11).

     “This was my second year doing the Great American Bake Sale, and it was really nice seeing the school come together and help the cause; I would really hope that more people in the school will participate to the point where this will be something West can be proud of,” added Theodore Chiang (11). Helping others never tasted so good—all thanks to the Great American Bake Sale.