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West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

Seniors from the volleyball team wear celebratory leis on their shoulders with posters in hand. Players celebrated their win as they walked down a line and posed for photos with loved ones. “I’m grateful for the time we’ve had together,” said senior Jason Irie.

West Victorious at Senior Night Volleyball Game

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer May 10, 2022

   Watch out, a triple block wall coming your way! Will you go for it? Pass? Or will you feint a shot and throw off the blockers? The audience peers in anticipation! It’s moments like these that are ingrained into the fundamental thrill of volleyball....

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After one year the South Bay Champs Track and Field meet is back, and the athletes sprang into action in all events. The Warriors competed against teams from all over Los Angeles County, and it turned out as a great success with West coming home with 1st place. First time South Bay Champs participant Justin Hernando (9) described how it felt to be at the meet, sharing, “It was really fun for my first time, I liked the environment and everyone was super chill.

Racing Into Action

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer May 10, 2022

   After almost a year, the West High Track and Field Team got the opportunity to participate once again in the South Bay Champs Competition on April 15 and 16. “The energy everyone brought and the level of competition brought forth a lot of competitiveness...

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Regarding this year’s Earth Day, AP Environmental Science student Kate Amano (11) expressed, “Even though I am just one person on this planet full of 7 billion people, living more eco-friendly has made me feel good about myself and what impact I make on the world.”

Earth Day at West High

Kate Phan, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

   April 22 was Earth Day, an annual celebration of our planet! Earth Day’s theme this year was to “Invest In Our Planet” and change our actions towards the earth to save it from the rising threat of climate change. The theme is linked to the...

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West High’s Tutorial Club and National Honors Society partner to make tutoring more accessible to students. Ms. Kim shared, “Seeing tutoring in action is such a treat because the students genuinely want to learn and the tutors truly want to help their peers.” Tutoring is open to all students during lunch and after school at the library.

Tutoring with Tutorial Club and National Honor Society

Sarah Han, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

   Community should be a group of people who support and help each other in times of need. Luckily, West High’s community is always willing to step up to that challenge. In the coming weeks, National Honor Society (NHS) will be partnering with Tutorial...

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With West High Prom less than a month away, ASB members work on preparing the Top 4 baskets for the nominated King, the Queen, the Prince, and the Princess! Apart from their baskets, they also handmade the centerpieces to increase the liveliness of the venue through a glamorous ambience.

Upperclassmen Anticipate Prom 2022

Kate Phan, Staff Writer April 30, 2022

   On May 14, in the luscious green of the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, the upperclassmen of West High will attend this year’s Masquerade themed prom, hopefully complete with bedazzled masks covering the upper portion of attendees’ faces...

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Mr. Jin prepares for his presentation for his next class. Introduction to Data Science is one of West High’s new classes that provides helpful tools to immerse yourself in the world of math and science.

Codes, Data, and More!

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer April 20, 2022

   Do you have a passion for coding? Perhaps you’re one of the few of your friends that actually enjoy math? Or maybe you have considered a career in STEM? As the end of the year approaches, most students are starting to plan their schedules for...

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On March 25, the gym was transformed into a new world as glowing, fluorescent colors filled the otherwise dark room. Freshman ASB President Angelina Quiroz (9)  remarked, “Promoting class spirit is basically our whole job as ASB, so having a Glow Rally with so many bright colors, decorations, paint, grade competitions, and more surprises would really help with that!” Art/Photo courtesy of Ayane Kawanishi (12).

West High Glows Brightly in the Spring Sports Rally

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer April 13, 2022

   On Friday, March 25, students of West High filled the gym with fluorescent colors. With Freshmen dressed in neon green and yellow, Sophomores in neon orange, Juniors in neon pink, and Seniors in white and neon blue, the audience glowed under blacklights...

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The actors playing the Merry Murderesses and Velma Kelly pose in their special lighting for the “Cell Block Tango.”

Chicago’s Late Nights

Kate Phan, Staff Writer April 2, 2022

   Full of murder, scandal, and stardom, Chicago is an elaborate show of light cues, sound cues, and, of course, the golden trio of phenomenal singing, dancing, and acting. After nearly three months of rehearsals, Chicago entered their tech week: a...

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West High’s Cheer team poses at a football game. Cheerleaders typically perform for football games, occasionally at basketball games, or even for soccer. A lot goes into practicing for these big games: “People get thrown up in the air… we practice our cheers, we’ll do some stunts, [and] we’ll throw in some tumbling.” Photo courtesy of Natalie Foronda (9).

Athlete Of The Week: Natalie Foronda

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer March 29, 2022

   While cheerleaders support home teams in sports, Cheer could be seen as  its own sport as well. Performing stunts, dances, and gymnastics, cheerleaders use as much energy and effort to execute each move as any other sport. Nearly all her life, Natalie...

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America has long been viewed as a hub of immigration: many around the world are allured by its reputation as the Land of the Free. Though the name appears to promise security and warmth, migrants can still face social or economic barriers.

Immigration, Identity, & America

Lauren Ng, Sports & Opinion Editor March 23, 2022

   America was founded by immigrants. Though immigration levels have fluctuated throughout the last several centuries, our nation’s complex history has produced the cultural melting pot we live in today. At West High, where the majority of our student...

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Current eighth graders collect flyers from different clubs at Club Alley after coming out of the eighth grade assembly.

2022 Club Alley: West Programs to Anticipate!

Anika Agarwal, Staff Writer, Staff Photographer March 20, 2022

   Out of all the opportunities West High offers, clubs deserve a spot in the limelight. Thirty-three clubs, on Wednesday, March 10, set up tables outside the gym to promote their clubs to next year’s Freshmen. After watching exhilarating performances...

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On February 19, West High held a memorial in the Performing Arts Center for the late Conner Kurahashi, a beloved alumni of the West High community. “It was a beautiful day to honor Conner with approximately 1000 people here,” Mrs. Eriksen reflected. Roughly 400 people came to the memorial in person, while 600 attended the service virtually: “It was truly an amazing outpouring of love and support.” Photo courtesy of @westwarriorsasb Instagram.

Remembering Conner Kurahashi

Lauren Ng, Sports & Opinion Editor March 17, 2022

   Among West High’s various successes of the past few years, Conner Kurahashi is at the heart of several of them. A senior studying urban development at Cal Poly Pomona, Kurahashi graduated from West High in 2018, leaving a lasting legacy as an inspiring...

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