Warriors Ace Saxons

Omar Rashad, Staff Writer


  On Tuesday, the West High Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team brutalized the North High Saxons with a team score of 17-1. A few of the matches had early leads that were sustained and resulted in such a blowout games.

  As Shivani Ganti (11) puts it, “The game went really smoothly. We put in our max effort, overcame injury, and walked away with a win”. She said her matches were, “sort of a breeze,” in which she brought her A-game to the court, but was left dwindling because of the lack of skill her opponents exhibited.

  This win came with West having almost half their lineup playing with injuries. With the disadvantage heavily burdened on West’s side of the court, the team still came out with a huge win, proving that injuries will not hinder these girls from showing their top contender potential.

  Brandy Hwang (10) said, “I had knee pain yesterday and it was unlucky that I had to play through it”. She described it as, “on and off,” in which she feels it sometimes and other times I don’t, she doesn’t. I at least came out with a win in the end, so that’s always a plus.”

  Coach Jin said, “In the first round, we got off to a little flat start. The girls started out kind of slow in the beginning so I told them they had to pick it up.”

  It turns out Jin’s advice really did help, enough to administer this type of a win against North. He termed his motivational sentiment to keep them pumped and amped, “pick up the pace, take your time, and don’t forget to move your feet.”

  He highlighted that in one of the matches, one of his doubles pairs was losing 0-4 in the set. After some cerebral coaching offered by Jin, and revitalization to get back in the game, he said, “the girls turned the game around and won the set 6-4, now that was a really good win”. Their next game is against the South High Spartans, next Tuesday, an all-out brawl between two of the best in the Pioneer League.