British Football Star Arrested for Public Intoxication

Mariam Rizkalla, Staff Writer

  On Sunday, December 16th, British soccer player Wayne Rooney was arrested by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority at Dulles Airport for public intoxication following his long flight from Saudi Arabia.  According to local police, the 33 year-old, who currently plays for DC United, has been booked into the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.

  The English footballer’s disorientation was reported by his spokesman to have resulted from the prescribed sleeping, pills which he took on his flight while drinking. Upon his arrival at Dulles Airport, Rooney was arrested by armed police after he triggered the door alarm without seeking airport security. He was immediately detained at the airport and released shortly after on a minor misdemeanor charge and a $25 fine.

  Lucy Hayward (11), Beach FC and Cal South ODP soccer player, commented on Rooney’s behavior saying, “People in the public eye should realize that they are held in a higher regard and should learn that their actions affect more than just themselves.”

  As with any other public figure, the situation significantly concerned the media. Evidently, this excessive media intervention was disturbing to Rooney and his spokesman for they consider it a private matter that should be resolved by DC United.

  DC United commented on the media coverage, stating, “We understand the media’s interest in this matter but believe this is a private matter for Wayne that D.C. United will handle internally.”

  The soccer star has earned 119 international appearances for England, which is a national record for an outfield player. In 2004, he joined Manchester United for $35 million and played there for thirteen seasons, winning one Champions League, five English titles, one FA cup, and three League cups. Soon enough, he became the club’s all-time best soccer player, having scored a total of 253 goals. Given the footballer’s position and popularity, it is reasonable and quite understandable that the media is paying too much attention to the issue.

  On media coverage, Vianna Gonzalez (10), a West High Junior Varsity soccer player, said, “The situation isn’t as dramatic as the media is making it seem. He [Rooney] is obviously aware of his unsuitable behavior. It only seems this dramatic because he [is] a public figure. If he weren’t as popular, he would [not] have received as much attention and nobody would have made it such a huge deal.”

  However, this is not the first time Rooney was arrested on alcohol-related charges. In September 2017, he was caught driving while under the influence and was banned from driving for twice o years as a result of the offense. Following the ban, Rooney reached out to his fans saying, “I want publicly to apologize for my unforgivable lack of judgment in driving while over the legal limit. It was completely wrong.”

  The British soccer player ended his international career with 53 goals for his country which earned him more popularity amongst his fans. There is a lot of attention given to public figures which constantly keeps them in the spotlight. Therefore, they should always act appropriately and weigh the consequences of their actions.

  According to Rooney’s  spokesman, “The matter is now at an end,” and no additional comments will be made in regard to it.