The Villanova Wildcats: NCAA Basketball Champions

Jeff Grundy, News Editor

  On Monday, April 2, two teams faced off for the prestigious title of NCAA Basketball Champions. The third-seed Michigan Wolverines took on the first-seed Villanova Wildcats. The Wildcats emerged victorious, winning 79-62.

  The Wolverines had been on a 14-game winning streak, coming back from a 12-point deficit in their win over Loyola-Chicago. The team has been lead by Moritz Wagner, a power forward, whose on-court presence is unrivaled, and guard Charles Matthew, one of the more elite guards in college today.

  “Michigan is by-far the new team to watch out, they are ready for a championship” said Michigan fan Jacob Corkins (11).

  But the Michigan was no match to Villanova.  Villanova’s superstars, Jalen Brunson and Phil Booth, were outshined by bench player Donte DiVincenzo, who scored 31 points, 5 rebounds, and two blocks, helping secure the game for his team. He was awarded Most Outstanding Player that same night, a reward Villanova fan Ethan Elliott (11) feels he deserves.

  “Donte DiVincenzo is the Michael Jordan of Delaware and his career is just starting.”

  But DiVincenzo has recently come under fire due to a series of homophobic tweets, and after this controversy bloomed, he deleted his Twitter account entirely. Despite this, it is very unlikely that Villanova University will do anything to reprimand him in any way, seeing as he just helped them win a NCAA National Championship.

  Villanova’s championship win is the second in the last four years. With head coach Jay Wright at the helm, many give him credit for the rebuilding process that scouted the players which won them two championships. If he was not a permanent figure in Villanova’s staff, he is now.

  “Coach Wright is now a legend, two championships within 3 or 4 years that’s a dominant coach,” said NCAA fan Jackson Cizma (11).

  With this season over, the world will have to wait until next March before high-tier college basketball comes back.