20,000 Leagues Rising Out Of The Sea

Jack Hogse, Staff Writer

The online computer game League Of Legends has become increasingly popular over the last several years. This is not surprising, as the game is free to play. While some may say that playing a game like this is a waste of time, gamers would argue that exercising your brain with virtual strategic scenarios can help relieve stress.

Video games are known to be quite competitive, especially amongst dedicated players, but they can also be very casual. There are games that are made to be fast-paced, short, and easy to perform well in. This type of game is for people who don’t have the time for an extended activity.

League Of Legends is quite the opposite. It belongs to  a genre called a “MOBA,” which stands for “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.” If the title didn’t give it away, these types of games pit players against one another in a strategic battle of wits and strategy. These games require a large time commitment, as leaving early results in a penalty.

“Part of the appeal for these games is that they are very unlike the others.” says Trevor Kutler (11) “Most games are explosive and generic, while games like League of Legends need you to plan more and think things out.”

The impact of this game on its players has fluctuated between positive and negative. On the positive side, it has become a good pastime for people who struggle with extended periods of boredom. Unfortunately, it also has an addictive factor, and causes people to spend money on micro-transactions, which are optional of course, but have a unique allure to them.

Despite how well-known League of Legends is, there are those have little to no interest in it. Even though it’s famous on social media and the Internet in general, people without any prior gaming experience dislike the overall competitive aspect because of how unnatural it feels to them.

  “I never really thought video games were all that fun.” says Michelle Gamiz (10) “I mean yeah they’re cool and impressive, but shooting things doesn’t really catch my eye as much as it does for some people, but I have no problem with people who play them.”

  Many public organizations in both Asia and North America have made a point of making League Of Legends an “e-sport,” which is a professional competition that takes place in a video game. The problem is, the idea of a video game becoming a sport only promotes the game itself, causing more people to play it. This does not bode well for the organizations that tend to demonize these excessively violent games.

  “I can see both ends of the spectrum.” says Matthew Ward (11) “One side says that games are bad because they take time out of your valuable life, which is true, and the other side says they are good because they relieve stress and anxiety, which is also true.”

  League of Legends has become so popular that it has sparked numerous arguments as to whether or not it is good or bad. League Of Legends has even gained worldwide recognition, which in turn encompasses all other video games with it when people debate over it.