Warriors Lose Their Edge Against Matadors


Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

At West High, Warriors’ Boys’ Volleyball gave way to the San Gabriel Matadors, Tuesday afternoon, losing the match 0-3.

  The Warriors lost to a team that performed very well. The Matadors gave the Warriors a challenging match; they got on a roll and ran away with their lead.

  In the first set, the Warriors got off to a good start; however, the Matadors pushed through with a stronger offense. Outside hitter, Justin Hight (10), said, “San Gabriel performed well, they were able to push the offense on us and attacked efficiently.” The Warriors lost the first set, unable to keep up, 19-25.

  The Warriors stumbled a bit in the second set after their first set defeat, leading to another loss of 11-25. Setter, Isaiah Byun (11), said, “It was a bit hard to keep my head in the game. We made a lot of errors and I got a little frustrated.” Byun went on to say, “I realized quickly enough that the frustration wasn’t helping so I got back in the game and played hard.” Byun and the Warriors put the errors behind them and attempted to recover from losing two sets.

  The Warriors battled out hard, attempting to stay in the game, in the third set. They got over the two lost sets and began attacking with more focus. In the end, their efforts, while strong, was not enough to turn the game around. The Warriors lost the third and final set 22-25, a differential that came down to the last few points.

  Jonny Vogt (10), the Warrior’s libero, which is a defensive backrow player whose job is to stop all incoming balls from hitting the floor, said, “We were losing and couldn’t execute late in the game. We were just unable to close out the sets.”

  The Warriors underperformed and are ready to turn it around by getting revenge on the Matadors this Friday at San Gabriel High School. Be there to support our Warriors!