Warriors Victorious Over Olympians


Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

On October 9th, The West High Warriors were victorious over the Leuzinger Olympians with a score of 41-20. They came off a three-game losing streak, showing West is looking for a better turn of gameplay.

  Varsity Warrior Football’s consecutive losses against Carson, Mira Costa, and Redondo have showed them where they have to be by the end of the season. Reed Munroe (10) said it plainly, “the Warriors aren’t as good as last year”. With that said, the Warriors still have potential to maximize their growth on the field. Their losses were in games in which the deficit was just one touchdown, amounting to losses.

  The Warrior’s win against the Olympians is the next chapter of their improvement as Bobby Fujioka (12), Warriors’ cornerback and wide receiver said, “We won, but we didn’t execute properly. It should have been a blowout.” This describes how Fujioka is not satisfied with just a win as he says that they can still do better. Showing their resolve to get better and back on track, he highlighted his own dissatisfaction with just one win.

  The Leuzinger game also sheds some light on how it was poorly officiated as Jacob Matthews (11), said, “Nathan Lima (12) was ejected from the game after a sack for a simple and small celebration. If things do blow out on field, then of course we need the refs to interfere, but they’ve also got to know to keep the game, the game and keep the players playing it”. Lima’s celebration was only a small chest bump, leaving in question why the referee felt it necessary to eject him. Matthews pointed out that although the Warriors won, an inexcusable, bad call got one of their star players to be ejected. This can affect the outcomes of games if these calls are made earlier in the games.

  The Warriors are gearing up to change the tide of their previous games and get more wins as their next game is against the Saxons, at home, on Friday.  With the support the players get from the Warrior spectators, it is assured that they can keep up the heat of competition and get big results in CIF.