Save Some Spotlight for Softball

Madison Kuhlmann, Staff Writer

West High School has wonderful sport teams and a vivid sense of school spirit, one team coming into light as they enter their spring season is softball. With five wins and a current streak of three victories who wouldn’t love and support softball?

So far there have been twelve games and this week games have been played nearly every day after school on other campuses. At first, there may have been doubt about the team’s strength or quality for this year; but slowly and surely things are beginning to look up for them! Doubt may have arisen during the fifth and sixth games this season when the so called “downward spiral” began. Games that were predicted to be easy were close but no cigar while more challenging games were slightly more destructive defeats.

“We had a lot of trouble communicating with each other, but we figured it all out and are on the right track now,” said Caitlin Hardgrove (12).

This is nothing against the team, simply that attitudes are so much more important than they realized at first. While their efforts and dedication have both uplifted and inspired them to not only refrain from discouragement in the future but to rise above lowered expectations from their spectators and fans as well. Like a phoenix from its bed of ash the team greatly improving with every passing day.

“I think our team is finally clicking, like our chemistry is much stronger, and that we are just having fun playing the game we love,”said Abby Estrada (12).

“I feel great about our upcoming games! Every game day is exciting and I’m excited every time I get a chance to step onto the field with my teammates.” Mia Wyatt (11).

It is clear now that we should encourage the softball team just a intensely as the advancing girl’s soccer team or track stars. Don’t miss the next game this Friday, March 27 against Redondo Union at Redondo High School! And remember, save some spotlight for softball!