Warriors Take on the Sentinels

Elise Ornelos, Staff Writer

On Friday September 12, 2014 the West Warriors played against the Inglewood Sentinels in their second game of the season. Playing in the comfort of their home field, the Warriors definitely showed their strengths offensively and only letting the Sentinels score one touchdown. The Warriors beat the Sentinels 27 to 6, and now have an overall record of 2-0 in their 2014 season and are on track for a successful season.

The pressure was on for the Warriors and they went into the game knowing they had to give it their all. Quarter back, Cody Wissler (11) said “we knew we had to come in hard and we practiced really hard this week.” The Warriors’ hard work during practice was evident on the field. They continuously gained yards and scored a total of three touchdowns against Inglewood.

Wide receiver. Zach McGraw (12) scored the first touchdown in the first quarter and he “set the tone for the rest of the game,” said teammate Kyle Reinsch (10). West ended the first quarter with a score of 10-0. During the second quarter Dale Rouse (12) scored another touchdown giving West a lead of 17 points. It wasn’t until the end of the second quarter that Inglewood scored a one yard touchdown with only 7 seconds left.

Inglewood only scored one touchdown, but they made West nervous when they began gaining yards. West was anticipating another touchdown from the Sentinels and that made them nervous. Wide receiver, Tyler Taggart (12) said, “they were running the ball, driving down the field, and slowly gaining yards on us.” During the third quarter West scored their last touchdown and ended the quarter with a total of 24 points. Their last three points were gained when Scott McGraw (12) kicked a field goal in the fourth quarter.

Taggart commented on his plans for next game stating that he didn’t want to let the other team score any touch downs. His teammate Wissler added, “I feel like offensively we could’ve scored more points. There was a misuse and we just gotta clean that up before [playing] Redondo.” Both players are holding their team to very high standards for their first away game against Redondo. Even after doing so well the past two games the team knows that there is always room for improvement. Setting new goals for themselves is what makes the West High Warriors football team so successful.