Warriors vs. Mustangs Volleyball

Sarah Honeycutt, Staff Writer

   On Tuesday April 29, the West High Varsity Volleyball team played against Mira Costa High.  The game started at 7 PM in the Mira Costa gym.

  Going in, West knew the game was going to be tough, but were prepared to  give it their best shot as a team.  Mira Costa is known for their nationally ranked volleyball team, and is one of the best in the South Bay. Austin Olsen (11) added, “ They obviously have a history of being good at volleyball.  [Also,] we were missing a starter and his replacement, so we were shorthanded.” Swapan Dighe (11) added, “We lost a lot of our good players this year, but we were able to pull through and grow as a team.” Even with West being at a disadvantage, they held their ground against Costa.

  In the end, it was Costa that won all the matches, but West didn’t fall far behind.  The score of the first game was 25-17, the second score was 25-20, and the last game was 25-23.  Jeremy Giampoli (12) commented, “We may have lost in 3 games, but each game was a battle, a difference of 5 points or less.  Getting so close to beating a solid team and knowing that we played well together encouraged us and displayed our growth as a team.”  This is a great improvement for the team and hopefully they can keep it up for next year.

  With a couple more games left in the season, the team continues to put up a fight in each game. With satisfactory results, they can walk away with their heads held high.