Girls Tennis Defeats Bishop

Megan Oliveros, Freelance Writer

   The first game of the season for any sport can set the pace for the rest of the year. Our Girls’ Tennis team recently had their first JV and Varsity home game of the season against Bishop Montgomery High School.

  When asked whether any changes will be made to how the team plays this year, Girls’ Tennis coach Ashley Graham stated that they are “going with the same game plan.” When it comes to faith, Graham has tons of it. “I have a lot of confidence! We work hard and sometimes [their] effort goes farther than skill levels. Even if they’re down, they keep going. So even if they’re losing and there’s probably, statistically little chance of winning, they don’t give up. They keep pushing until the bitter end and sometimes games turn around and they do really well.” From witnessing how her players performed against Bishop, Graham is positive that her players have what it take to continue their victorious path.

  Armed with experience from previous years and confidence in their teammates, the Girls’ Tennis team played a great first game against Bishop. As players reflect on their JV 11-7 win along with the Varsity victory of 12-2, Christine Yoshida (11) said, “We did very well. Doubles did very well.” In agreement,  Gretchen Natividad (11) stated, “It was a close match but we came out strong in the end. I’m super proud of my girls.”

  West’s Girls’ Tennis showed off their excellent skills on Tuesday and will surely continue their great performances throughout the rest of the season.