West Warriors Become City Champs

Kristin Corse, Staff Writer

   Friday night, the Warriors became Torrance City Champs after defeating all three Torrance varsity football teams. At the beginning of another cross city rivalry at the North High Football Stadium, tight end Mat Boesen (12) scored the first touchdown against the Saxons for the Warriors. The touchdown calmed the Warriors, but soon enough the Saxons scored against West’s defense, tying the score 7-7. Refusing to give the Warriors another opportunity to score again, North quickly scored a second time against the Warriors, increasing the score in their favor as 14-7.

   As the warriors attempted to gain more yardage, running back Barry Thomas (12) scored the second touchdown for West. After both teams were reenergized for the second half of the game, North fired straight down the field and scored their third touchdown, setting the score at 20-14. In response to the Saxon’s sudden score, the Warriors fought back and scored against the North defense, once again tying the game with a score of 20-20.

   In the beginning of the fourth quarter, West kicked a field goal, and increased the score to 23-20. In the bottom of the fourth, Thomas again scored the last touchdown for West, raising the score 30-20. As the last touchdown of the game, North scored against the Warriors, ending the game with a final score of 30-27. The West Warriors walked away as city champs.

   “The Warriors proved to North how hard the boys worked to have a great season and keep their undefeated streak”, said Nessa Esparza (11). The players worked hard to keep their record undefeated and showed their rivals just how hard they worked. “Even though West could’ve worked harder in the first half, they came out in the second half ready to go, wanting the Torrance Champs title,” stated by linebacker Trevor Williams (11).

   As the game started, the Warriors came out a little slow but ended the game together as a team and fought until the last possible second. Throughout all the games during this season, “this rivalry showed West High’s true colors. It was a battle, North came close but West dominated. They did outstanding on defense and offense,” quoted by Cristian Da Silva (11). In this last game of the “Torrance Conference”, the Warriors proved why they deserved the title as Torrance City Champs and how determination paid off.