West Succumbs to Palos Verdes

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 28th, the West High Warrior Varsity Football team sadly fell short in their game against the Palos Verdes Sea Kings, losing 28-35. Similar to the Homecoming Game, it was a close loss, with merely one touchdown between them. Therefore, many of the players felt the same as they did last week. Running back Barry Thomas (11) stated, “We played hard, but I feel if we had put in more effort towards the end of the game, we would have won.” Likewise, Linebacker Chris Kneepkens (12) agreed on the similar terms verbalizing “we thought we had the win in the bag up until the end; it was a pretty disappointing loss due to the fact that it was a close one.” The team played well throughout the game, but like last week, they fell short towards the end and succumbed to the opposing Sea Kings.

Offensive Lineman Mohammed Faqhi (11) also vocalized “We definitely had a strong hold on them throughout the game; however, to our disappointment, they overtook and ultimately beat us.” Tight end Nick Corse (12) also sided with Faqhi stating “We could have won, but the last touchdown they scored out ruled the fact. Hopefully, our next game will differ from this one.” The Varsity Team believes that their next game will play out to be a lot better, than their last two previous ones and in the end, they can prove to their fans that they are capable of victory. Kneepkens also mentioned that their main focus “is practice, hard work, and tireless effort” in order to achieve improved performance at future games. Football is a team sport, so they believe with unbounded team work in addition to the fundamentals stated above; they have a chance to redeem themselves for the future.

When next you watch the team is action, do not hesitate to cheer them on, showing them immeasurable support and helping them to win.