A “Captain-worthy” Leader for the Girls Varsity Golf Team

Esther Kim, Staff Writer

    With several games into the season, the West High Girls Varsity Golf team has been consistently improving and diligent at everything they do. At the head of the group is Captain Eunice Kim (11), who feels the responsibility to “show the other girls that I’m [leadership] worthy… I just have to lead the team.” Kim found herself involved in golf since she was eight years old, claiming that it would “feel weird not playing it.” Not only was she accustomed to the sport, but her skills have developed over a long period of time.
   However, despite the many years Kim has participated in golf, she shows interest in basketball as she said that she would like to try out for the sport this year. In addition, expressed her decision to major in business rather than veering towards a professional golfing career.
   But for the time being, Kim’s goal this season is to constantly improve with the rest of the team. As each match leads the girls closer to the finals, there is greater pressure to win with low scores in order to qualify. Nevertheless, she shows that each game is an opportunity to interact with the opponents beyond the competition, “I think every match is really fun because the girls get along with the other team; maybe that is the most important thing.”
   As for the girls themselves, Kim acknowledges their persevering character, “I think [everyone] on the team works hard; the team has been growing and improving.” She can be expected to continue to lead the team with confidence and effort as the golf captain.