West High Softball Team Starts the Season Right off the Bat

Ariel Kimmok

On Tuesday March 2, the West High Softball team played its first JV game against Bishop Montgomery and triumphantly won 16:7. From practices to the heart-beating moment of the first game, the West High softball team got the season off to a great start.
Softball is a sport almost identical to baseball, except that the commonly used pitch is the under throw, and the softball is larger (and slightly softer than a baseball) along with a few minor differences. However, the exertion and dedication put into the sport is just as much as the effort athletes put into baseball.
One JV catcher, Jessica Andrews (10) decided to join the West High softball team because of her experience playing the sport since she was little. Her goal as a softball athlete is to make Varsity and simply to play “for the love of the game”. Andrews predicts that “the season is going to go well.”
The athletes practice for two and a half hours, from the beginning of sixth period to 4:30 pm. Stretching, fielding, and position specifics are all a part of the practices which help the athletes cooperate as a team. The softball coach believes the athletes are a “good-all-around” team and expects the players to be “very competitive; it depends on the ladies and how hard they want to work.” He would like for the athletes to continue putting in the hard effort.