New Starts and New Games for Girls’ Soccer

Ephraim Lu

Winter has almost arrived, but winter break isn’t exactly what the girls’ soccer team had in mind. The team members have already started anticipating the rigorous matches ahead of them, and they’re not willing to back down.
Despite having different members from last year, this year’s soccer team is still striving for success. Many current players have expressed their confidence in the team including Kayla Gonzalez (12) who says, “My feelings towards the new team compared to last year’s team is definitely a good one. I am almost impatient to go out there and show how hard our team has been working.” Even others, who initially had doubts, are readjusting their thoughts, such as Rebecca Maier (11) who asserts, “I honestly had some doubts coming into this year with the girls coming up from JV and seeing spots being taken by them. From the alumni game and the practices we have, I get more and more confident in them.” With luck, the team can exhibit the same amount of confidence throughout the whole season.
Even with the newly found belief that the team will do well, the team’s coach is still starting to implement plays and practices to help the girls improve quickly. His arduous requirements, such as establishing practice times from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. have caused girls to endure exhaustion, but they’re more than happy to comply for the benefit of their team. They may just seem like a hard-working team, but Rebecca Maier (11) states it’s much more than that, “We practice at 6th period and sometimes stay until we’re the last ones there. It seems like [it] will never end, but it really pays off. Practice makes perfect.” Chelsea Campbell (12) also jokingly adds, “Coach makes us run a lot and we are usually always sore.” The coach’s belief that the team will achieve victory, has encouraged the girls to try their best, including Nicole Bonilla (12) who asserts, “Coach inspires us every day to play to our full potential and knows we can go far as a team.” Furthermore, the amount of advantages the team has at hand isn’t lacking; Coach San-martin has expressed, “We look to be a very good team this year. Lots of experience. Very nice talent. Loads of speed. The offensive will be led by Ashley Kawasaki (10) and Rebecca Maier (11), and the defensive will be lead by Monica Campis (12), Chelsea Campbell (12), and Rachel Hanners (12).”
Hopefully, the girls will reach their goal of reaching CIF championships.