The Cons of Students Going to School

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

   There has been an increasing amount of problems concerning students’ health over the last few months. While some battle a sick day in order to not miss a lecture, others are forced to miss school as their illness has been classified as severe by the Attendance Office. Though teachers and other officials have made efforts to encourage sick students to attend school, it has also desired that the student body stay at home if needed. Though there are several positive reasons as to why students should be absent, there are just as many cons as to why this belief is flawed.

   Often times, having ill students in a class can be rather bothersome. According to Kevin Park (11), it is “annoying for people to hear sniffles, coughs, and sneezes in [the] classrooms.” As a result of these distractions, Park believes that the students “[will lose] their concentration and these distractions will interfere with their studies.” Additionally Park stated that “students who are ill have a chance of infecting the healthy students and it is extremely inconvenient for them.”

   Matthew Adachi (11) agreed with Park and went on to say that “the sickness will spread leading to more students being absent [and affecting their] concentration.” Other than the issue that more students become sick like this, Adachi believes that because more students are absent, as a result “it becomes more difficult to make up absent work.” This in turn affects the grades of a student and their participation in a class.

   With much more of weather gloom to experience before spring bloom, it appears that the students will have to continue stocking up on medicine in order to cure themselves of their ailments. In doing so, they will not have to miss school days as well as important lessons for that day and lastly will not pass germs to their fellow classmates.