Finals: a School Necessity

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

Some students have become frustrated with the semester grade they receive in a class. The anger or disappointment that they suffer from is often caused by the one obstacle that students tend to struggle with most the final exam. The final in any class often decides whether someone gets a higher or a lower grade. Even though final exams are nightmares, it is still some importance to retain a final.

Jason Zheng (11) believes that finals are necessary as “[they] serve as a review of all the material throughout the entire semester.” Additionally, he said that “final exams make sure you are up to date with everything [a student has] learned so far.” Because there is so much material to cover before the exam, teachers will use their time to help students review for the final so that people like Zheng can do well.

Students can find it difficult to study so much material and as a result struggle on the test. Sadly that is the point of the final. To make sure that students comprehend all the material taught. Oliver Kim (11) agrees with Zheng and stated that a final can indicate “that you are learning something [and that] you remember things previously learned.” He also discussed how a final exam is able to “[distinguish] between the slackers and the hard workers and shows if [one] is proficient.”

With these exams set to occur on the last week of January, they are looming over students’ shoulders. Though they may be looked down upon, finals are important to the success in a class and as they only show knowledge of the subject and whether or not someone is working hard in a class. With only a few weeks left in the semester, it is time to prepare some coffee and “break out” the books.