Pie vs Cake

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

   During the holiday season, there are plenty of desserts around to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. Most people nowadays have a choice in picking one item over another. Some resort to treats, such as frozen yogurt or cookies; others find it difficult to choose between pie and cake. Both are considered traditional for holiday feasts and the debate concerning which is more preferable continues.

   Eddie Kim (11) believes that cake is a better option than pie simply “because it tastes better.” Additionally he stated that “The various layers of flavors found in cakes [in my opinion] are better than [the flavors in] pie.”  However Kim adds that “[Because I] do not really enjoy sweets, when I feel like having dessert, cake is [personally for me] what I would enjoy.” so it appears that there are some who enjoy neither cake nor pie. Austin Bogar (11) also agrees with Kim saying that cake was better than pie because “[naturally] I enjoy cake more than pie.” An intuitive answer such as this only shows how difficult it is to say which dessert is better.

   Minhanh Ta (11) on the other hand thinks that pie has an advantage over cake. Even though cake is flavored with various sweeteners, Ta believes that in terms of taste, pie has greater flexibility because “you can flavor it with spices and [other ingredients].” Additionally pie is considered to be an “American classic” and is still a popular item on any dinner table.

   This contest between pie and cake will remain unresolved and happily so. For in trying to determine which is better, most are compelled to eat and sample many a slice of pie or cake. Few indeed would resist an opportunity such as this, for where else is there a chance to eat first and ask later?  As the holiday season draws closer and the decision comes down to either pie or cake, perhaps having a fusion of both or even buying each are options that will leave many with a sweet taste.