Why Quarter Report Cards are Necessary

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

   For many students, receiving a quarter report card can be disappointing and stressful. Already, a fourth of the school year has come to an end and the window of opportunity for students to improve their grades for the semester becomes less likely. However for some, they (quarter report cards) serve as an indication of the hard work that has been put in by a student. Even though it is motivational for some students and horrifying for others, having quarter report cards are necessary and crucial to the progress of a student in the classes they are taking.

   Sean Chotikasatien (11) believes that having report cards given to students at the quarter are necessary for student improvement. He stated “it gives [one] a sense of where [they] are in the class and [it explains] [where they] have to work harder.” He later mentioned that “students who receive good grades in a quarter could falter a bit and may see a fall in their grades. [Nevertheless,] the report cards serve a purpose to the students whether it is good or bad.”

   Sarah Watanabe (11) also agreed with Chotikastien about the importance of quarter report cards and joked that “It [gives] parents and students a little jolt of reality.” She also added that “since the semester [grades] are permanent, it is always good to have [a record of the students’ grades] before the [semester ends].” By doing so, the students are able to correct their errors in the next quarter rather than continue on the same trend.

    Now that the first quarter has come to an end, quarter report cards are set to be released in the near future. When these report cards are given, students like Chotikastien and Watanabe will evaluate the grades that require change in their study routine. By doing so, they hope to maintain excellent grades for not only the semester, but the entire academic year.