El Chapo Convicted

Zack Allen, Writer

After three months of trial in New York, Joaquin Guzman Loera also known as El Chapo was found guilty of all of his ten charges that included drug trafficking, conspiracy to murder, and money laundering.

  After a long trial lasting three months, the illegal works of his enormous Sinaloa Cartel were exposed. His cartel sold and traded millions of dollars worth of drugs, such as meth, cocaine, marijuana, and even heroine, not to mention the people his cartel murdered, mamed, and tortured. Guzman became a sort of boogie man of Mexico after he ruined hundreds of lives after his two decades worth of crime.

  The jury came to their conclusion just over one week after they began receiving evidence that piled against Guzman. This evidence even included people who were a part of his cartel.

  Guzman has racked up a reputation in prisons for finding crazy ways out, such as digging huge tunnels under showers. This tunnel was more than thirty feet underground and lead .7 miles to a nearby construction site. Another escape plan involved the drug lord sneaking into a laundry bin and having a dirty prison guard  smuggle him out of the prison.

  With all the escapes Guzman has had in his years, there is speculation saying that the justice system is going to put him into a supermax prison known as “the Alcatraz of the Rockies” called USP Florence Admax, which is just 2 hours south of Denver, Colorado.

  Someone who had found interest in crime and the consequences, Ethan Verderber (10), stated, “I think that the sentencing for drug usage and possession in the past has been extreme, but seeing someone notorious and who had undoubtedly caused problems far beyond his narcotics, get finally caught out, is comforting to see.” Verderber seemed happy to see Guzman’s fate finally play out.

 Similarly to Verderber, Noah Trainor,  stated “I am glad that all of the victim of the crimes that El Chapo has commited are finally getting justice.”

  The United States prisons are near unescapable unlike the ones in Mexico that Guzman has escaped from in the past. A lot of people around the United States and in Mexico will be waiting to see where Guzman is sent and whether or not he will come up with another ridiculous escape plan.