The Young and the Restless Star Kristoff St. John Dead at 52

Mariam Rizkalla, Staff Writer

  On Monday, February 4th, Kristoff St. John, star of the popular television show The Young and the Restless, was found dead at a home in Woodland Hills. The actor, starring as Neil Winters, was confirmed dead by his attorney, Mark Geragos.

  Public information officer, Sarah Ardalani, reported St. John’s death, but the cause remains unreleased.

  On Monday, following the announcement, the show’s producing studio, CBS and Sony Pictures Television released a statement saying, “For those of us who were fortunate enough to work with him on The Young and the Restless for the last 27 years, he was a beloved friend whose smile and infectious laugh made every day on set a joy and made audiences love him.”

  Born in New York City, the actor made his first television appearance at the age of 7 in the series That’s My Mama. He also appeared on other shows such as Diagnosis Murder and The Jamie Foxx Show, until he joined The Young and the Restless in 1991.

  In 2014, Julian St. John, the actor’s 24-year-old son, committed suicide at La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility in Long Beach, California.

  Prior to Kristoff’s death, he reportedly sent his ex-wife, Mia St. John, worrying pictures of him holding a firearm to his head, threatening suicide. As a result, he was placed under a 72-hour hold for mental evaluation.

  Sanjana Ganti (9), expressed her opinion on this connection saying, “I think it’s really shocking how both he and his son died because of the psychiatric facility.”

  According to Mia, the hospital resulted in the deaths of Kristoff and his son. Following Kristoff’s death announcement, she tweeted and deleted a message stating, “THAT HOSPITAL KILLED OUR SON @TheArtofJulian THEN MY HUSBAND @kristoffstjohn1 THATS WHAT HAPPENED! THEY KILLED MY FAMILY.” She also revealed that she was hospitalized after her ex-husband’s death.

  Dhriti Veeramachaneni (10), commented on the hospital’s role saying, “This news is very disturbing and deserves further investigation.”

  While St. John’s death is heartbreaking to his fans and colleagues, the star will continue to hold his place in people’s hearts. As a tribute to the actor, the The Young and the Reckless honored him with an on-screen storyline that was seen on Friday’s episode.