2014 – 2015 ASB Election Results

Erica Suh, Staff Writer

  As the 2013-2014 year comes to an end, it was time for another round of ten feet poster paper and endless rolls of masking tape. It was time for the ASB candidates to convince the student body why they are qualified to lead West High School. With creative slogans and clever campaigning, the following runners were voted to direct the way for the 2014-2015 year with their respective positions in ASB.

  The esteemed title of ASB President fell upon the experienced Benton Shortridge (11) with Adel Kelifa (11), who has been in ASB since freshman year, as the ASB Vice President. Jackie Pan (11) will be hyping up our future rallies with his fearless character, taking the position of Secretary of Spirit. Pan admitted, “It is going to be a lot to live up to Thomas and the spirit he put into his peers. But, all in all, I’m thrilled to build up excitement for next year.” Along with Pan, Kevin Kim (11) also ended up with no other opponents during the election process, but the school is lucky to have him as the next Secretary of ICC. On the other hand, Tiffany Wang (11) used her talent and artistic skills to publicize her campaign and became the next Secretary of Publicity by an incredibly close vote. She confessed, “At first, I was a little worried, considering how the others may be campaigning, but I regained my confidence knowing that I can prove my qualification through smartly using my creative ideas and such.” Chinedu Ojukwu (11) took over Shortridge’s previous position, Secretary of Athletics. As for Secretary of Fine Arts, Alex Hao (11) simply took his own initials to create a slogan, “Say AH!” and won over many votes that gave him his position.

  Moving on to the classes, Kithumini Jayasiri (11) became the next year’s Senior President with Dylan Tomita (11) as the Senior Vice President. When asked about her plans for next year, Jayasiri enthusiastically replied, “I’m really excited! So many people have come before me—Peter Zhang, Grant Torre, Hayden Tanabe—and I look up to them so much. Since freshman year, I’ve wanted to make a difference, and through things like ASB, I think I can say that I have, and it feels amazing. I want the best for our class, and I find joy in dressing up in purple from head to toe. I really hope that the other two Senior Class officers and I can help make the school spirit grow and promote class unity because it’s our senior year and we must show everyone who runs West High (SENIORS)!” By an extremely close call, her fellow to-be class officer of Senior Historian was designated to Loren Lee (11), who is now being responsible for all memories the seniors will create during their last year in high school. “I really want to thank the people who trusted me with this position, seeing that there is pressure to be responsible for something the seniors are looking forward to seeing. I plan on taking photography classes over the summer to expand my knowledge on cameras so I can go into ASB next year feeling confident and ready to work. One of my main goals next year is to take pictures of every senior/group of seniors possible so everybody can be apart of the end of the year slideshow at the baccalaureate.” Lee said. Down to the junior class, Riko Suzuki (10) successfully campaigned for Junior President, along with Eddie Fung (10) as the vice president and Peter Song (10) as the historian, all of whom had these positions this year. And finally, for the freshman, Jehy Ahn (9) knew what she was doing, as is apparent in her position for the next year, Sophomore President. EJ Hatter (9) took home Sophomore Vice president as did Irene Domiguez (9) as the class historian.

  A big congratulations goes to those who made ASB 2014-2015. Good things will be coming our way soon and the West High students and faculty will be looking forward to what is brought to the plate.