Lost: Flight 370

Jeremy Lim, Staff Writer/ Photographer

   Baggage is often misplaced at airports; however, it is uncommon for an entire commercial airliner to just disappear for days. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 lost contact, on March 8, with air traffic control tower suddenly. After mourning and wondering about what occurred, flight 370 was found in the Indian Ocean on March 24.

   The Boeing 777 owned by Malaysian Airlines disappeared from the radar during its departure from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing. Dominic Wellman (11) thought, “How can such a huge plane go missing for such a long time?” No immediate relocation was established which led up to its major mysterious disappearance. CNN reported, “The plane was carrying 239 people: 227 passengers and 12 crew members.” Friends and family of the crew and passengers are in disbelief at the situation.

   Speculations on the missing plane and background checks of the crew have been conducted. Joann Figueroa (10) speculated, “maybe someone was trying to hide something in the plane.”  CBS News stated, “News that possible plane parts had been found marked a new phase in the emotional roller coaster for distraught relatives of the passengers, who have criticized Malaysia harshly for not releasing timely information about the plane. While they still hope their loved ones will somehow be found, they acknowledged that news of the debris could mean the plane plunged into the ocean.” It has been almost two weeks since flight 370 has gone missing. Andrew Bae (11) exclaimed, “What? Nothing like this has ever happened before.”  Numerous teams of rescue crews formed to sort out the eerie dilemma that has never occurred in history. The U.S., China, and other major countries have provided assistance to the cause.

   Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, confirmed the deaths of all passengers of the Boeing 777 on March 24, Monday. Razak told the reporters that the flight “had ended over the Indian Ocean.” In the wake of this tragic news, the victims’ families continue to find strength from the memories of their loved ones.