WHS Hip Hop Wows Crowds

Carly Saber, Staff Writer

   On Friday, February 17th, West High held its first ever Hip Hop Dance Show featuring our co-ed Hip Hop team and Drill Team. It also featured performances by the Hip Hop team’s clinic attendees, the Torrance Torrettes, Torrance Torrettes Pom, and a special performance by Soul Fresh.

   The entire event was a fundraiser for the entire Drill Team and the co-ed Hip Hop team to travel to their Nationals competition. Many people came to support the team even though it was planned on the same night as a major basketball game. The Pavilion was filled with the cheers of parents, students, and friends.

   Between each song different members came onto the stage to describe the upcoming dance and talk about the dancers. This elongated the show, but each speech gave an insight to the inner workings of the team.

   The All-Boys team gave a performance that blew away the crowd. Surprisingly, most of the members are freshmen who have never danced before. Others such as James Santiago (11) has been dancing for about two and a half years and assistant coach Adam Burt, who graduated from West High in 2010, with choreography.

   Not only were there team performances, but there were also two solos, one performed by Stefanie Erikson (12) and the other by Burt. There was also an entertaining trio that helped to add variety.

   Overall the night was a huge success filled with music, dance, and fun. The performers enjoyed being able to show their skill and the audience had a great time watching the talent.