College Information Fair 2011

Frank Davis, Staff Writer

   Hundreds of students arrived last Saturday, February 26, 2011, at the 30th annual TUSD College Fair which was hosted at North High School from 10AM to 2PM. The College and Information event is an annual fair; sponsored by Torrance PTA, the Torrance District, a team of high school counselors, and the four high schools here in Torrance.  Students and parents had the opportunity to get to know various colleges and universities throughout California and even a couple of schools out of state: University of New Mexico and Michigan State to name a few. Students and parents had the chance to ask questions ranging from college life to tuition and financial aid. The Fair had over 60 booths from colleges varying from junior colleges to Ivy Leagues universities. Dhanu Jaan (11) commented, “[The College Fair] was fascinating.” With over 16 workshops, occurring every 45 minutes, students were able to get their questions answered.  

   SAT/ACT strategies were offered by Hansol Education for free. For those seeking the El Camino route, there were workshops regarding the HTP, also known formally as the Honors Transfer Program, offered in many community colleges all across America. The HTP is a program designed to serve students seeking a more advance curriculum; it prepares college students for transferring. The requirements for enrollment range from college to college. However, in more than few community colleges, the requirement average is about a 3.1 GPA and completion of all of preparation for a major. The key benefits of the HTP are that it is inexpensive; there is a high quality form of education, designated scholarships, and admissions to future University Honor Programs.  Overall, this was a very enriching experience and all of those who overlooked it missed out on a lot. According to Yvonne Vergara (11), “We are the future. It is important because it determines who [we want] to be and what world you’re going to be in later in life.”