Salvation Army Angels Gives Students a Chance to Give to the Community

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

For two weeks, students have been able to “adopt” a Salvation Army Angel and provide a less fortunate child with presents for the holiday season. This has continuously inspired the student body to get in the giving spirit and help those around them.

Both faculty and students have actively participated this year, coming up with creative ways to pitch in and help those in need. Mrs. Horsey encouraged all her classes to contribute and give gifts to an angel. She added, “I think that we all should help others when possible. I want them to learn giving is more important than receiving, especially now. Many of my students even say helping out makes them feel good!” The kids in her class have contributed at least a dollar, and some classes have collected enough money to give presents to more than one Salvation Army Angel.

With students often spending up to five dollars on lunch giving one dollar towards a present for a child in need may go a long way. Calista Chen (11) noted, “The program makes you feel better that you’re helping out when you can, especially when you know how many kids have parents that are unemployed and trying to stay afloat.”

During the holiday season, giving is not uncommon but many people often overlook the less fortunate when buying gifts for others. Jenny Suh (11) mentioned, “I took my own angel to buy a present for in addition to those we are helping in my classes. I think this program definitely makes a difference in our community.” Many have stepped up and adopted a Salvation Army Angel, and hopefully, all of the available angels will be adopted by the end of the week.

If you would like to help and give to a Salvation Army Angel and ASB has run out, they are often available at the Del Amo Mall near Old Navy.