Revival of Class Colors in Top 15 Homecoming Rally

Kevin Park, Staff Writer

A fun rally without beachballs?

Friday was a day of amazing school spirit from the beginning to the end of the day. For the first time in two years, students were allowed to wear their class colors. Students truly missed the freedom of representing their class. The gym displayed four distinct groups of yellow, green, red, and blue which mixed together to form our student body. Katie Horton (11) was one of the many students who shared the opinion that “class colors were a success and led to more school spirit.”
Fortunately, the increased school spirit did not lead to a huge disaster. Unlike previous years, there were no beach balls and constant interruptions that ruined the rally. James Wang (12) was “surprised that everyone watched the drama skit about homecoming without [interruptions].” The result was a very entertaining skit that everyone enjoyed.
Secretary of Spirit Alisa Wang (11), who directs the rallies, was also “happy that the crowd was for the most part cooperative.” The increased cooperation and school spirit truly led to an amazingly successful rally. Every group that performed such as the band, cheerleading team, and drama group were able to show their skills.
The students also watched their friends being called up for Homecoming Court. Unlike past years, there were many people who were chosen from band and ASB. Rachel Yoo (11) “expected a lot more football players and popular athletes to be nominated.” The nominations were also different and unique compared to previous students.
This event did have its flaws as well; booing other classes, especially the freshmen, was still present. Many of the freshman and underclassmen were angry at the fact that the event seemed to be centered on the seniors. Only the seniors are represented in the Homecoming Court and the freshmen are always booed by the popular chant, “Go home freshmen!”
Although the rally was not flawless, it was still a huge success. The school showed a huge increase in energy, and the ability to cooperate during rallies. Overall, the students had fun while letting the many groups perform without many interruptions