UN comes to West

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

    On October 8th, Club Rush was held to inform the student body about different clubs offered at West High. One such organization that was Model UN, an organization revived at West through the efforts of Adrian Kimmok (12) and Daniel Cho (12). According to the club’s advisor, Mr. Martin, Model U.N. existed on campus before in the past, but lost popularity after some time. Kimmok and Cho approached Mr. Martin last year about their idea to have the club return to West. He agreed and now, in a different decade, its leaders hope to captivate students in this renewed club.

   When asked about some of the benefits of Model U.N., Mr. Martin offered, “It raises awareness in world matters, verbal agility is improved significantly, and arguments can be developed about certain issues. Students from different schools interact with one another creating friendships and an appreciation for politics.” Additionally, he went on to say that the club participates in meetings with other schools similar to an actual U.N. assembly. “Dhanu Prathap (11) joined this organization and commented that her reasons were, “I want to expand my knowledge on U.N. affairs and meet new people from different schools!”

   Steve Lee (12) had similar thoughts about participating in the Model U.N. and he confirmed, “I want to become an active participant in the resolution of the world’s problems. Model U.N. would be a good place for to learn skills and propose my own ideas.” Even though there are other clubs such as JSA and Youth and Government, Model U.N. plans to educate students like Lee and Prathap to become better citizens and possibly the leaders of the future.