Local Businesses Rallying for TUSD

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

With the budget cuts downsizing the future of the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD), local establishments such as Marie Calendars and Mimi’s Cafe have made it their mission to participate in Tuesdays for TUSD. Tuesdays for TUSD is a fundraising campaign in which a part of the total profit generated from customers will be donated to local schools. In order to take part in this fundraising campaign, customers need to print out a copy of a Tuesdays for TUSD coupon from the West High website and bring it to participating businesses. Jason Kim (12) thinks what these small businesses are doing is a great idea. “The schools need money and it’s nice that these small businesses are helping us. This just shows that even in hard times, people can still work together and help one another.”

 Kurtis Takamura (11) believes these companies can make an impact in the district. “It’s awesome that they’re helping out our schools and because of this, we should try and find other ways to support not just the schools but the businesses as well.” The business community has always been involved in TUSD and now, at a critical time, it continues to show its support to the school district.