PETA: Harmful or Helpful?

PETA: Harmful or Helpful?

Barabra Lopez, Staff Writer

It’s safe to say: food is a unanimous joy in our lives. Many don’t mind what they consume; what’s given to them is what they eat. However, for others this isn’t always the case.

  Vegans — those who don’t eat/use any products involving the cruelty or murder of animals — have a different palette when it comes to choosing food. Thus, burgers and milkshakes (at least made with meat or dairy from an animal) will not be seen entering the mouth of a vegan. They usually eat soy based meat or drink products used with almond milk. Therefore no harm is done!

  Organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) help those who strive to become vegans by posting animal-free recipes, informational articles, and much more. Daniela Molina (12) states why she’s Pro-PETA. She says, “Personally, I agree with many of the things PETA does and with what they promote. They do an efficient job at getting the whole truth out about animal cruelty, and as someone who cares about animals that makes me happy.”

  But even with going animal free, some of PETA’s methods are, ironically, unethical. Esther Shin (11) addresses the yin and yang of this fur-loving organization. She says, “I love the idea of what PETA stands for and the amount of passion their supporters have for animals. However, the way PETA chooses to portray said passion is the actions a beast wouldn’t even do.” Shin (11) goes on to explain how “people should speak up for animal cruelty, but doing such actions as displaying the female human body in bloody meat trays is inhuman in so many ways.”

  Along with student testaments of PETA, James McWilliams from The Atlantic brings up other cruel acts PETA has committed. He says, “In 2011, PETA behaved in a regrettably consistent manner: Out of 760 dogs impounded, they killed 713, arranged for 19 to be adopted, and farmed out 36 to other shelters.” McWilliams adds on, stating that for cats, “[they] found homes for a grand total of five. [They] also took in 58 other companion animals — including rabbits. 54 of them were killed.”

  Everyone has different eating habits and preferences. PETA aids those who want to become animal and cruelty free, but that doesn’t mean they should degrade those who want to eat as they please.