Influenced by PETA

Smoke Signals / Emily Partida

Smoke Signals / Emily Partida

Andrea Gomez , Staff Writer

PETA is a well-known organization for animal rights. They even have their own website with many useful tools such as recipes, articles that expose animal abuse, donations for animals in need etc. Many have been influenced by them but some have had their doubts about PETA.

 A West High student in particular decided to share her story about being influenced by them and clear the air about PETA. A girl by the name of Allie Lavezzari (11) started her journey of being vegan a year and a half ago.

   PETA was the reason for her turning into a vegan, “It’s honestly the best choice that I made and it’s not hard to do.”  Lavezzari (11) wanted to do more than just “eat healthy,” she wanted to help the animals that were involved with food companies mistreating them, “they have articles about animal cruelty and exposing farms and companies that treat them poorly. I respect them for putting these [up] because it helps people see what’s behind the scenes.”

  Their site contains many easy recipes. “It’s really not that hard to be vegan,” Lavezzari (11) said, “many people think that being vegan is  being limited to foods that they can eat but that’s false. On PETA’s website you can find tons of really good recipes, that way more people can help fight against animal cruelty.”

A lot of the time people eat products and wonder if it’s healthy or vegan.Lavezzari (11) stated, “You can also find certain articles that tell you what’s vegan and what’s not. Many actually don’t realize, like Oreos!”

  Lavezzari (11) demonstrates on how easy and yummy the recipes are by making vegan sushi. “Like I said it really isn’t hard to do, it all is in the spices and what you put in, it doesn’t have to be meat to taste good nor from a dairy product”

 You can go on PETA’s website anytime you think to yourself “is this vegan?.” PETA is always there to help.