Showing Her True Colors through Fashion

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   For many years, television and pop culture have influenced trends in young Americans. Julia Springer (11) follows the trends while also setting herself apart with unique combinations and one-of-a-kind dresses. Many students compare Springer to Rachel Berry on the hit TV show “Glee” as they both are active in the fine arts at their school and strive for perfection. Springer notes, “My big celebrity inspiration is Rachel Berry because she stands out, which is what I want to do. I like being unique.” For example, Springer loves bows and enjoys wearing ballet flats with a matching bow attached.

   Even though Springer keeps her wardrobe up-to-date, she tries to stick to a budget. She remarks, “I try not to spend more than fifteen dollars a month on new clothes because I already have a lot, but my average outfit costs somewhere between ten and fifteen dollars.” With so many stores to shop at in Torrance, Springer hesitantly admits, “I love Urban Outfitters so much, and it would be my favorite if it would only be cheaper and bigger. I shop at JC Penny’s and Forever 21, too, though.” With clothes from so many different stores, it may seem hard to find outfits that go together seamlessly, but Springer “often gets compliments on how [she] mix and matches things that would not normally go together.” Springer is aware of her sometimes peculiar attire, which ranges from a sailor inspired outfit, to sweats and a sweater. She acknowledges, “I cannot always look great, so I do have some ‘lazy’ days.”

   Springer also knows what looks good on her. Her favorite colors to wear are red and blue, and if she had to choose one piece of clothing to use forever she chose a party dress because it can be fun and formal.

   Springer has embraced her unique personality and encourages others to find themselves as well with tips such as, “Don’t be afraid to buy things that others would not try to mix and match. Be bold with your choices!” Springer obviously knows what she is talking about as she stands out each and every day as she walks down the halls.