Senior Spotlight: Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles


Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles (12) juggles many extracurricular activities on top of being a senior. Throughout four years of high school, she has remained consistently enthusiastic in her involvement through clubs, volunteer work, and creative pursuits. Photo courtesy of Zoe Jackson Delos Agneles (12).

Shrutika Ezhil, Staff Writer

   For seniors who are involved in multiple areas at West, saying goodbye will be hard. This is the case for Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles (12), who has put her time and commitment into yearbook, marching band, Red Cross, and more.

   As a four-year member of the West High Entertainment Unit marching band and President of the WHEU Council, Delos Angeles has her fair share of experiences ― she fondly remembers the “spam musubi runs” and pre-performance SpongeBob-themed warm-ups. It’s clear that her time in band has affected her greatly; when Delos Angeles was asked to describe her favorite memory from her four years at West, she answered, “I really enjoyed participating in football games in band…it was a fun way to get involved and see the student life at West.” 

   But Delos Angeles didn’t just witness the student life at West, she helped commemorate it as well, through her time on West’s yearbook staff, (whose title has recently been changed from Chieftain to Capitaneus in an effort to be more culturally responsible.) This student-led class focuses on covering campus life at West High. Delos Angeles described her journey on Capitaneus: “I applied for yearbook as a staff photographer when I was a freshman…I attended different school events, working together with other photographers and writers.” After improving her photography skills through her first two years on staff, Delos Angeles was able to gain a leadership position her junior year, but she recalled how important it was for her to balance her many commitments: “There was this one time, during a football game, I was playing for the band and the minute we were done with the performance, I ran to grab my camera to take pictures of the football game because we needed more for the spread.” Now, as a fourth-year member, Delos Angeles is one of the Editors-in-Chief, and her responsibilities now entail “helping other staff members, assigning deadlines, and helping to put together the book…especially making sure everything fits within the theme.” From a freshman who was just excited to be on yearbook staff, to an Editor-in-Chief of yearbook, Delos Angeles found a way to immerse herself in her passions.      

   Some of Delos Angeles’s other major involvements include being Co-President of Red Cross Club, Vice President of French Club, and a member of National Honor Society. Outside of school, Delos Angeles has volunteered at Torrance Memorial and serves as the President of the South Bay Red Cross. Her involvement in the community is apparent, whether through her leadership positions in school clubs or simply her willingness to help the community around her. 

   But even Delos Angeles has dealt with her fair share of difficulties. As a senior, she’s ready to leave high school and move on to college: “It’s been hard dealing with burnout and senioritis, I’ve been struggling with it.” She’s found motivation in the fact that she’ll be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall. Delos Angeles will be majoring in Materials Engineering and hopes to minor in Media Arts Society and Technology. 

   As a senior who has immersed herself in the West High community and successfully made it through, Delos Angeles shared her best advice for lowerclassmen: “Be aware of your limits and don’t try to take on too much. Also, don’t be afraid to ask others for help because there’s always someone out there who is willing to support you and help you.” She explained that these were obstacles she struggled with and wished she had been given the same advice earlier.

   Ultimately, the impact Delos Angeles has left on West and the memories she made will always stay with her as she moves onto a new chapter in her life.