DIY: Santa’s Candy Sleighs by Betty Crocker

Cayla Hailwood, Staff Writer

Everyone has their preference between hand made and store-bought presents, but here is a great way to get the best of both worlds.  In the Betty Crocker, Christmas Cookies book, she introduces the Santa Candy Sleigh, which can serve as a gift cardholder or an edible decor piece. What better way is there to deliver a gift than with Santa’s sleigh? Here’s what you will need:



-Snickers Bar

-Box of candy, 1.5 oz

-Chocolate presents

-Chocolate Santa

-Wrapping Paper

-Two candy canes

-Gift card or place card holder

-Glue gun



-Start with a Snickers bar.  Wrap the bar in Christmas theme wrapping paper and use it as the base of your sleigh.

-Take a 1.5 oz box of any candy you like.

-Attach the box on top of the Snickers bar with a glue gun.

-Glue the chocolate presents on top of the 1.5 oz box.

-Place Santa’s chocolate feet on the

Snickers bars and line its back against the 1.5 oz box.

-Glue two candy canes along the sides of the Snickers bar with the curves facing up.

-Place Gift Card in between the Santa’s back and box of candy.

Now that you have everything you need to make your own sleigh, craft away and have yourself a merry little Christmas!