Let the Games Begin!


Despite the challenges, ASB was able to host a great week of competitions to bring students together through these isolating times. Track race runner Makena Young (12) stated, “It was nice that they recorded it so we can all share some school spirit!” Courtesy of West High ASB.

Alexssa Takeda, Co-Editor-in-Chief

   One event that many West High students look forward to every year is the Class Olympics: a chance for each class to show off their abilities and compete against one another. Lockdown took everyone by surprise just as ASB began to prepare for the competitions. Thankfully, classes were able to return to a somewhat normal 2021 Class Olympics on March 22nd.

   Although there was no opening ceremony, students dove right into day one’s swimming event, catapulting Juniors and Seniors in the lead. That same day, West’s best tennis players hit the courts. Just as it all seemed over for the Seniors, the ball miraculously bounced over the net causing shrieks of excitement to erupt from the team. 

   Over the next few days, the classes went head-to-head in other events including a Minecraft tournament, skating of all kinds, and taking aim at the archery range. 

   Then it all came down to the last two events during the Spring Rally: Mario Kart and a track race. Once again, the Sophomores and Seniors found themselves in a tie with Sophomores claiming the win. Meanwhile, on campus, students sprinted for the finish line. Makena Young (12) laughed thinking back on it saying, “I was running with my friend and I knew she could pull us through.” Just like that, the Seniors won not only the race but also the Olympics as a whole, reigniting the class’s winning streak. 

   Following the recurring theme of this year, challenges have presented themselves in many ways. A few of the games had to be adjusted in order to accommodate safety guidelines. Basketball, which usually happens in the gym, traveled outside in a three-way contest. Secretary of Athletics Garrett Eguchi (11) also explained that it was difficult to find participants: “We had to go solely online [to find students].” With blended students going back to school too late in the week, ASB didn’t have the chance to approach students on campus. They especially had trouble with the Freshmen class because they “didn’t really meet anyone new at school and they didn’t have that in-school experience.”

   But these new conditions and limitations gave ASB insight into the future of Class Olympics. This past year has been unpredictable, to say the least, and nobody knows what is yet to come. In the case of another unprecedented year, Eguchi noted that “we have this previous year of experience.” If students favor some of these new events, ASB might keep it in mind for next year, giving them more options and possibilities to choose from.  

   Stefan Cutovic (11), one of the winners of the 2019 Olympics badminton event, thought this year went just as well. He expressed that the sizing-down of certain events was “really smart”, especially given the circumstances of this year. Cutovic also enjoyed the addition of the two non-sports events, Mario Kart and Minecraft. “I think that it was fun since you can play those virtually,” he remarked. “If [students] want to support their class, they have the ability to.” Not only did it keep students safe, but it also gave them the opportunity to show off their gaming skills.

   It was definitely an eventful week, and the perfect way to start off the spring season!