Girls Soccer Kicks Off Season

Ashley Kang, News Editor

The West High Girls Soccer Program officially kicked off their season, as practices started this past Monday. The Varsity team, coming off of two strong seasons, hopes to take back the CIF title that they won in 2015, but not in 2016.  In addition, all three teams are looking to secure the spot as league champions this coming year.  

  Frosh coach Diana Smith reiterated this hope, and said, “I’m looking forward to another winning season.  This is my third year coaching, and it would be nice to have a third championship to go along with it.”

  Some players have high hopes for the upcoming season. Allison Chang (12), a four-year Varsity member, said that, “I hope this season goes well, especially since it is my senior year.  I have learned so much from these past four years, and a CIF win would be a nice way to end my high school career.”

  Other players are more excited for the experience of a new team.  JV player Kathryn Hansen (11), said, “I’m just looking forward to playing soccer with a great group of girls.  Unlike club soccer, high school teams are made up of players, some who you have known forever, others you have just met, and that’s what makes it really fun.” When asked about her goals (no pun intended) for the upcoming season, Hansen said that “though a first place in league would be amazing, I’m mainly trying to focus on improving my skills.”

  As some players anticipate the start of the league games with nervousness, others are already looking forward to playing other schools.  Frosh players Natalie Podegracz (10) and Jessica Sullivan (10) are both excited to play Redondo especially, because, according to Podegracz, “Redondo is a good team, and I think the competition always makes that game really interesting.”

  Though the league season doesn’t officially start until after winter break, all three teams have pre-season games before then.  Come out and support the girls soccer teams at their upcoming games!