A New Milestone for Curry

Anna Kim, Co-Editor in Chief

The Golden State Warriors were on fire November 7, when Stephen Curry set a new NBA record for 13 3-pointers in a single game. The Warriors beat the winless Pelicans 116-106 on Monday night.
  Curry ended the game with 46 points up his sleeve, which most did not believe could be done because of the game against the Los Angeles Lakers three days before. This is because in all the 157 games that he had played, Curry had scored at least one 3-point shot in each. However, the game against the Lakers ended that streak, with the Lakers winning 117-97.
  Despite the tough loss, Curry managed to get his head back in the game. On Monday night, the two-time reigning NBA MVP scored 13 of 17 3-pointers in a single game, boosting his overall NBA ranking to 16 when originally ranked 26. Curry’s record, which was previously held by Kobe Bryant, reached a new milestone in NBA history.

  Curry told USA Today, “I had another level of focus the last two days trying to get my rhythm back and see the ball go in.” His process worked as Curry finished with 46 points, five rebounds, and five assists in the win over New Orleans.

  Monday night was a cheerful evening for fans like Josh Louie (10). Louie said, “[Curry] is a great player with great will and leadership towards the Warriors. The points he puts up makes only half of [the reasons for] his popularity.” Louie also says the other half is his determination and genuine love for the sport that gets people to rally against his side.

  Even people who do not know much about basketball have come to know who Curry is. Sydney Kelley (11) said, “I like watching [basketball] even though I don’t know much about the players or the game in itself. However, I know good character and Curry has it.” Kelley believes that the NBA star’s sportsmanship qualifies his position of being captain, both on and off the court.

  The Golden State Warriors will be playing against the Phoenix Suns this upcoming Sunday. Tune in to ESPN to watch their game.