Following Your Soul’s Code

Ysabella Atehortua, Editor-in-Chief

  James Hillman, the author of The Soul’s Code wrote that each person is born with what they are meant to be ingrained in their DNA. He went on to say that there are certain clues in which you realize what you are meant to do. These clues are most prevalent during two times: when you are 4 years old and when you are in high school.

  It’s difficult to follow your own conscience. High school is a time in which you are trying to find yourself. A time when you are influenced by everything, everyone around you.

  When I was a freshman, I thought I would go on to be an environmental lawyer. I was good at debate, I cared for the earth — it made sense. Sophomore year, something clicked, and I realized that’s not what I wanted for myself at all. I decided to be a writer.

  Now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Despite my parent’s pleas to revert to my freshman year dream, despite the voice in my head that says it’ll be a hard life, I dream of it anyways.

  It’s easy to fall into something you hate. It’s easy to follow what everyone else dreams for you. But in a world full of lawyers, follow your own path. In the end, what matters is the impact you had on others, the happiness you created in them, not the money in your wallet. So I leave you, West High, with that. Your dreams aren’t as impractical as you believe them to be. I promise.