Selena Gomez’s Revival

Rachel Kim, Editor-in-Chief

Selena Gomez is slowly starting to shed her Disney image by making a huge comeback from her year-long break. Recently she had signed with Interscope Records to produce her second solo record, Revival, which was released on October 9, 2015. Gomez’s album quickly climbed its way up to Top 10 spot on iTunes while her song “Same Old Love” is currently #7 on iTunes.

  Gomez reveals her true personality for the first time, creating a new, relaxed and confident style for her pop album; hence the album title Revival. Gomez has inspired fans like Aqsa Baig (10). Baig said “[Selena Gomez] helped me to be a happy, confident person. Her positivity through her music inspire[s] me.”

  The first track of her album, “Revival” is about coming out of one’s own skin and breaking out from society’s wishes. The mid-tempo song shows that she is not afraid of what’s to come next anymore and sings, “I feel like I’ve awakened lately/ The chains around me are finally breaking/ I’ve been under self-restoration/ I’ve become my own salvation.”

  Similarly, the eleventh track, “Rise” shows off the recurring point of the album. This upbeat, empowering anthem is about Selena’s decision to ignore negativity that is constantly thrown at her and focus on what makes her happy. The song has given fans a new outlook of the world around them and Anna Kim (9) said, “[that] particular track gives an important message to fans all around about not buying into society’s ways.”

  Rolling Stone Magazine agrees with the change that has occurred within and said, “Selena Gomez wills a new era of her career into existence within the first two minutes of her second solo album.”

  Selena Gomez has changed profoundly, musically, and personally in the last year. This is the sound of a newly strengthened pop musician growing within herself and becoming someone to remember.