Scandalous Fashion Pushes Canadian School Board

Cayla Hailwood, Staff Writer

For all generations, rebellious trends are bound to make their appearance in teen fashion.  For teenage girls across the country, short shorts have been a popular fashion trend for a couple years now.  School boards have constantly tried to rid the so-called inappropriate clothing from schools across the nation, but Canada tried to take a different approach to the style.  Is it appropriate to ban a style of clothing just because it is scandalous?

  Recently, the Nova Scotia school board has banned short shorts from schools.  They argued that they distracted both male students and teachers from the learning environment.  Are short shorts really to blame for another’s person’s actions?  Gayathri Giridharan (11) commented, “Short shorts should be allowed because if the weather is really hot, then what would students wear?”  Agreeing with Giridharan, Swetha Akella (11) said, I think it should be allowed, as long as it is not too inappropriate.  Sometimes it gets super hot and shorts feel more comfy.”   Hannah Sandeen (11) added, “ It is impossible for girls to fins Capri length shorts from the stores that are available to teenage girls.”

  In addition, the ban on only girl’s clothing is sexist.  Everyday, many teenage boys walk to school with their pants hanging low, revealing their underwear.  At least with short short, girls are covering up the essential body parts and are not revealing their undergarments.  Is this justified or another prime example of male superiority? If a school board is going to put a ban on female clothing items, then they must do the same for boys.

  According to the historical figure, John Locke, it is our right to show our individuality through any means of expression, including clothing. Short shorts are not a danger to a person’s life nor is it creating a cure to a disease. Therefore, the Canadian school board should worry more about topics that are of actual concern.  Also, if their choice is to direct their attention toward inappropriate clothing, then they should take care of it equally among both teenage boys and girls.