Are TUSD students given less time to prepare for AP’s?

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Photo Creidt:

Jeremy Lim, Staff Writer/Photographer

   As the school year comes to a close, finals and big tests emerge. TUSD students, however, face more challenges than students from other schools that start the classes earlier.

   Tirelessly trying to study and prepare, West High students take the test that, for some, determines their fate. Danny Lim (10) stated, “The test is long and tiring, but taking an AP class is worthless if you don’t take the test.” Among all the studying and information that leads to a mental overload, a controversial dilemma has come to attention. Almost all school districts start weeks earlier compared to TUSD. Redondo Unified, LA Unified, and Arcadia, for example, started their school year off considerably earlier than Torrance.

   However, the AP test week is in the same month for all schools which means Torrance students that have taken AP classes have had less time in the classroom to prepare for the end of the year test. In other words, students in other school districts have more time to prepare for the AP exam. Michael Tamaki (11) thought, “I don’t think it really matters. Many just cram at the end anyway.” Loss in days of the school year directly correlates to budget cuts in our suffering economy in California. Chris Gonzalez (11) pointed out, “It’s good to know that days in the school year are decreasing, but there’s not much we can do unless we get a huge sum of money.” While other school districts have raised their own money to fund school programs, the schools that have less funding have less days in school, thus having less time to learn and study for the AP exam this month.

   The fact that TUSD schools start late places the students at a disadvantage. Every student in Torrance should be aware of fewer days in school and budget cuts decreasing the opportunity prepare for the AP exam.