Scholarships for Caucasians?

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   In today’s tough economic times it is harder than ever to afford college. Students search out scholarship opportunities in the hope that there will be less financial burden upon their family.

   Many scholarships offered are released by private groups such as the Hispanic College Fund and the United Negro College Fund. These organizations offer aid to minorities who hope to attend college, but often exclude Caucasians from applying.

   Awards such as the “Whites-Only Scholarship” offered by a Roger Williams University student and scholarships offered by the Former Major Association for Equality (FMAE) have come under fire for exclusively allowing white males to apply. FMAE’s president, Colby Bohannan said to Yahoo! News, “I’m not claiming that it’s a disadvantage to be a white male; I’m just recognizing that there is a subset of white and male that cannot afford the money for school. We’re trying to help those people better their own lives. We’re not making any political claims. We’re just trying to help people.”

   With many families, regardless of race, being affected with lost jobs and a bad economy, it is harder for everyone to afford college. While many scholarships are available to African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians and other nationalities, there is a lack of opportunity for Caucasians.

   While some may find a “Whites-Only” scholarship unfair, it is just as biased as a “Latino-Only” or “Asian-Only” award. Compared to the small amount of scholarships available solely for whites, other races have a larger advantage in raising funds for college.

   Rather than bringing up racism and prejudice in organizations that support impoverished white males, one should see the big picture and realize that race-based scholarships are not a new idea.

   Everyone deserves to go to college, regardless of race, and any opportunity to support another’s endeavors should be welcomed.