West High is Eco-Friendly?

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

  Environmental problems are not new, having existed for at least the last two centuries. They are now, more than ever, apparent West High. Dropped bits of food such as meat or even Doritos, are left for seagulls and crows to scavenge. Sometimes there are water or Gatorade bottles either left on a table for someone to throw away or disposed of in the wrong containers. Though change can be easily made in these areas, the school is being affected badly. Despite this though, there are solutions to allow the school to become more eco-friendly.

   Wesley Chipeco (11) believes that in order to have an eco-friendly school it must adopt a policy to conserve its electricity. This policy includes “[having] days, periods where teachers turn off the lights to save electricity.” While it appears difficult to organize such an activity, the policy would force students to be more efficient and for teachers to teach the lesson at a more accelerated pace.

   Though lowering the use of electricity would not hurt the environment as much, Sherry Hsiao (11) on the other hand stated that there should be “more recycling bins around school [primarily] where students eat.” Although many students eat at locations around the school, the benefits are that it would reduce the amount of improper disposal of things and would make the campus cleaner that it is right now.  

  In order to raise awareness for this problem, there are school organizations. Environmental Club tries to encourage its members to clean the campus and properly discard electrical supplies which include computers and ink cartridges. In addition, the school has established a class, called Sustainable Society, which discusses the various aspects of the environment and then brainstorms ideas as to how to make this environment ideal and perfect for people to live in.